Monday, September 13, 2010

Dubuffet - Art Brut Cow

Jean Dubuffet is a French painter and sculpture.
He has a very cool sculpture right here in Chicago!

His paintings have an interesting TEXTURE.  He would often take sand, tar and straw and mix it in the paint!
This project is based on his "The Cow with a Subtile Nose" 1954

I snagged this great lesson idea from Art Projects for Kids and I wanted to share our result!

Material Needed:
- White drawing paper
- Pencils
- Black Sharpie
- Crayons (white, yellow, orange, brown)
- Black Watercolor paint
- Paintbrushes

1.  We drew the cow, in pencil, as a group, step by step, breaking it down to basic shapes.  (Follow the Art Projects for Kids link to an example)
2.  Trace the pencil lines with a black Sharpie
3.  Color the cow, pressing pretty hard with crayons (avoid using dark colored crayons)
4.  Background is colored green
5.  Have the students crumple up their drawing 3 or 4 times.  Make sure they crumple it up real good!  The kids always get a kick out the this part!
6.  Uncrumple the drawing and paint over the entire thing with black water color paint and let dry.

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