Monday, August 16, 2010

Get Smart, Make Art!

In one of my searches for inspiration online I came across an American painter and ceramic artist named Fred Babb.  He believed art is supposed to be cheerful and bright.  He encouraged unbridled creativity and unfiltered self-expression.  His art always had a message.

"It flows because it is the natural expression of who you are.  If what you makes happens to please someone else, that's great.  But always make art to please yourself first."

Well I wanted the kids to understand his messages.  Some kids, when they get a certain age can be overly concerned with doing it right, staying in the lines, not "messing up".  I cringe a little every time a student says, "I messed up."  Partially because art supplies are costly and I can't give everyone a new piece of paper every time they "mess up" but mostly because I believe THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN ART...sometimes things don't go according to plan, sometimes there are happy accidents, sometimes things work, and sometimes they don't but no matter what, just go with it.   Just the act of making art can be a wonderful time of expression and exploration.

So, here is what we painted, just using Tempera paints, inspired by Fred Babb...

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