Sunday, May 1, 2011

Black & White & Franz Kline

Franz Kline was an American abstract expressionist painter.

I really like the simplicity of his black and white paintings, like Mahoning, painted in 1956.

The students and I looked at his work together and discussed what we saw in them.  Some students said his paintings reminded them of Japanese writing, some thought his painting looked like train tracks.  I would say, all answers are correct!

So then we tried to recreate Kline's simple style using black tissue paper.

Materials needed:
-Black tissue paper (I pre-cut some into small squares)
-Big white watercolor paper (or any paper heavy enough to take a generous amount of Mod Podge)
-Mod Podge

1.  Have the students draw with pencil a few lines on the white paper.  I directed them to do 2 horizontal, 2 vertical (all the entire length of their paper) then a shape or 2 of their choosing.
2.  Take one square of black tissue paper at a time, using Mod Podge to "glue' it down on the pencil line.  Repeat Mod Podging the squares, following all the lines.
3.  Once all the pencil lines are covered, apply a generous amount of Mod Podge all over the paper, sealing it and giving it a nice shine and texture.

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