Monday, April 5, 2010

April Showers mobile

Materials needed:
- wire coat hanger
- sturdy watercolor paper, 4 pieces of 11x14
- lots of cotton balls!
- school glue in bowls
- pre-made templates for the cloud shape and rain drop shape
- watercolor paint
- scissors
- string
- hole punch

1.  Have kids trace the cloud shape twice on separate pieces of sturdy watercolor paper.  Cut out both.  Set one aside.
2.  Kids will glue cotton balls all of over one of the cloud shapes by dipping the cotton balls into the bowl of glue, eventually covering the entire cloud.
3.  While the cotton ball cloud is drying, give them 2 pieces of 11x14 watercolor paper and the rain drop template.  Have them trace the raindrop as many times as they can fit on the two pieces of paper.
4.  Then they will paint the raindrops with watercolor

Since my students are all pretty young the rest of this project I put together myself.  It was rather tedious but the results were cute.  If you have older students you could have them put together the raindrop strands.

First, staple the clouds back to back with the hanger inbetween.
1.  Cut out raindrops.
2.  Cut string, 3 pieces approx. 2 feet long.
3.  Glue the raindrops back to back with the string down the middle.   I glued 2-3 raindrops onto each strand (See photo)
4.  Hole punch the cloud and tie the raindrop stings to it

I added a lighting bolt made from lightweight cardboard with aluminum foil glued on to each child's mobile.

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