Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Magritte - The Banquet

After my last trip to The Art Institute of Chicago I fell in love with this Magritte painting called, "The Banquet".  I was mesmerized but that bright red sun in the middle.  I think I stood there and looked at this painting for 20 minutes.

Materials needed:
-Watercolor paper 11x14 and a smaller piece cut to about 2x14
-Watercolor paint
-Black & Gray paint
-Red felt

(This was a 2 day project)
1.  Paint the sunset sky with water color, paint the entire piece of paper
2.  While that is drying on the smaller separate piece of paper paint the gray brick wall.  I gave the students the idea of painting the entire piece gray, then use the other end of the brush to "scratch" in the bricks...worked pretty good I think!

-next day-
1.  Paint with black paint the tree trunks only
2.  Then take a sponge dipped in black paint to make the tree tops.
3.  Glue the brick all at the bottom
4.  Cut out a circle out of the red felt then glue it in the middle.

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