Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Edvard Munch and "Things that make us want to scream!"

Edvard Munch
Norwegian Expressionist painter

His best known painting is The Scream.
His art explored many topics such as life, love and fear.

- Heavy white paper (11x14)
- Cardboard pre-cut by teacher into a tracing shape for the body of "The Screamer"
- Rulers
- Pencils
- Tempera paint and brushes
- A copy of The Scream

1.  Look at the copy of The Scream and start a conversation about what the guy in the painting might be thinking.  Is he screaming because he is scared or annoyed or mad?  Ask the kids to start thinking about the things that would make them scream.  Some of the funniest responses for me were; "My brother", "Broccoli", "Republicans", "Homework"...you get the idea.
2.  Start by having the kids turn their paper vertically and trace the pre-cut shape of the body, front and center 
3.  Older kids can then use the ruler to help create and mimic the shape of the bridge in the original painting.
4.  Point of the people in the background of the original, the deep orange in the sky and the shades blues in the water
5.  After they kids have their pencil sketch then they can apply paint. Encourage color mixing to get those unique, beautiful colors.
6.  While the painting is drying, help the kids make out a list of "Things that make me want to scream!"  Then you can attach that list to the back of the painting when you send the project home.  It is sure to get some laughs.

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